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Mountain Mama Orange Tangerine Vodka

131-1303-9899751 | Mountain Mama Orange Tangerine vodka
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In an otherwise barren landscape, San Gorgonio brings life to its land from three rivers housed within the mountainside traveling down to the valley where hidden orchards of trees grow. They proudly present the mountain with an abundance of delicious and juicy oranges and tangerines as an offering of thanks.

Mountain Mama bottled the spirit of San Gorgonio and its zest for life by infusing the iconic smoothness of our best vodka with the naturally sweet, vibrant, and tart flavors of oranges and tangerines. Enjoy on its own, with a lemon-lime soda, or in a tropical fruit Mimosa for an elevated experience.

Find your mountain.

70 Proof | 750ML | 35% Alcohol by Volume

Appearance: Citrus Orange
Taste: A fresh combination of orange and tangerine, combined together to make unique citrus taste.

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