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Mountain Mama Honeysuckle Vodka

131-1303-9899749 | Mountain Mama Honeysuckle Vodka
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Mount Rainier, a once violent and devastating volcano, covered the mountainside in molten lava and ash. In its healing after so much destruction, life emerged in abundance. The scars of the mountainside are now mended and sweetened by the scent of seven different types of wild honeysuckle.

Mountain Mama bottled the spirit of Mount Rainier by infusing our best vodka with the delicate and sweet nectar of honeysuckle. Enjoy on its own or combine with lemonade for an elevated experience.

Find your mountain.

70 Proof | 750ML | 35% Alcohol by Volume

Appearance: Bright Honeysuckle Flower Yellow
Taste: A delicate taste of the sweet nectar of honeysuckle.

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